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What is Mass Management & NHVAS Accreditation?

Basically, NHVAS is a National Quality Assurance system where transport operators (including individuals, farmers, companies and businesses) undertake to do certain things, such as daily vehicle inspections, training, scheduled servicing etc.

Actually most operators are already doing many of the things that are required for accreditation.

In return, operators gain substantial benefits, such as protection under Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Legislation, increased payloads (Mass Management), increased operation hours (Fatigue Management) and the removal of the requirement for annual RWCs for Federally registered (VV plate) vehicles.

Getting accredited is not difficult, most operators are able to comply with the various requirements. Most operators are already doing many of the things that are required, most are just common sense, good business practices.

What are the benefits of NHVAS Accreditation?

The benefits of being accredited are significant, they include: higher profits, less downtime, increased payloads, increased productivity and protection for operators under CoR legislation.

Mass Management provides an average 10% increase in payload, for example a 6 axle semi configuration increases from 42.5 tonnes to 45.5 tonnes, a 3 tonne advantage, on approved routes.

Maintenance Management provides an exemption from the annual RWC requirement for operators with Federally registered vehicles. It also ensures that you have a system in place to ensure that your vehicles are regularly serviced, repaired and maintained. (What operators are not already doing that!)

Fatigue Management provides drivers with an additional 2 hours work time, 14 hours instead of the standard 12 hours. As you are no doubt aware, fines for Driving Hours offences have recently increased substantially. This has resulted in many operators becoming accredited in Fatigue Management, not because they want drivers to drive longer, but to provide a legal 2 hour buffer for drivers.

Improve efficiency for scheme members by reducing the impact of conventional regulatory enforcement.
Raise levels of compliance for non-accredited operators through more effective deployment of enforcement resources.
Improve road safety.
Increase the productivity of the transport industry through adoption of 'good' management practices.
Allow higher mass limits to be introduced in a responsible way.

How do I get accredited?

Most operators seek the services of Transport Consultants, such as our company. We manage the process, putting together the quality system manual, arranging certification of the system and submitting your accreditation to the relevant State Road Authority (i.e. VicRoads) for approval. You continue to run your business!

Our specialised team have a combined 70 years of experience in the transport industry, working with heavy vehicles, in management of the Enforcement Group at VicRoads in Northern Victoria and also in Registration and Licencing.  Our consultants have the experience and knowledge to assist you through the accreditation process.

Please feel free to contact MassManagement to discuss your accreditation requirements or for further information.


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