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Mass Management Accreditation - Australia
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Mass Management Accreditation - Australia

The Mass Management Accreditation Scheme is a voluntary alternative to conventional heavy vehicle enforcement.

Accredited operators must demonstrate that their vehicles and drivers comply with standards set by the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme through regular audits of their transport management systems and vehicle or driver assessments.

MassManagement.Com specialise in assisting operators in the heavy vehicle industry obtaining accreditation and accessing the benefits of NHVAS Accreditation.

10-15% Payload Increase
Chain of Responsibility Protection
Reduction on Trips
Increased Understanding of Loading Through Improved Driver Awareness and Training

Increased Flexibility & Work Time
Increased Training for Drivers
and Schedulers
Documented System of Fatigue Management
Protection for Drivers and Company
Staff Under Chain of Responsibility

No Annual Roadworthy
Contract Pre Requisite for Some Companies
Documented System of Regular Maintenance
Increased Resale Value Due to Comprehensive Repair History
With a client base of over 400 operators, MassManagement.Com continue to have the industry experience, knowledge and specialist skills to assist you in developing processes and procedures to comply with the National Standards for Accreditation.

We manage and facilitate accreditation (encompassing all modules) in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania.

In addition to helping your business get accredited, MassManagement.Com also keeps copies of your information in a secure location to keep track of your accreditation so it does not lapse or change without you noticing.

At times, we also send you information that is relevant to the management of the scheme, such as revised requirements for commercial drivers, or any updated gazettes or bulletins from the various State Road Authorities.

Although it is a requirement that the most current bulletins are carried by operators, many operators only find that the bulletins have changed when they are being issued an infringement notice for not having the latest ones.

MassManagement.Com utilise a professional software interface in order to facilitate the successful management of your NHVAS modules.
Ongoing Support and Specialist Advice is our commitment to you.

The National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme is intended to increase transport efficiency by reducing the costs of compliance and allowing members greater flexibility in the management of their transport business.

Our Mass Management System will accredit the company to operate vehicles at the higher Mass limits.

During the trial phase leading up to an 'on-entry' audit and accreditation to NHVAS, our system is designed to ensure the company can operate its vehicles at the higher statutory limits.

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